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Day 83

August 18 2019

Another big shoutout to Alice for helping me make sure everything looks good and records for Twitch. Streamed for a good 5 HOURS today! I'd call that a success.
In case you missed the stream, I've put the link below! Pardon some of the technical difficulties as I worked a bit on making sure the screen looked okay for everyone mid-stream. Also cooked some pepperoni rolls while streaming! (Yum!)

  • Conducted an accessibility audit with Lighthouse on my portfolio site
    • Added lang attribute in my HTML tag
    • added 'aria-label' to links
    • added alt text to images
    • Resize Text test
    • ChromeVox screen reader test
    • analyzed contrast
  • CodeWars kata challenge from Tae'lur's discord
  • React in Scrimba!
    • React Lifecycle Methods pt 1, pt 2
    • React Conditional Rendering


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"Learn React for Free" (Scrimba) progress: 75% complete

75% Complete