Independent Study

Mid-term Project

For my independent study, my mentor was Professor Sookyung Cho and I chose to carry out a project designing a web platform for the UX study group that Professor Cho wanted to organize on campus. For my midterm, I provided three UX based prototypes which will serve as the framework for the final product. In the second half of the semester, post mid-term, I organized two meetings with the study group and  continue to direct the group after graduation.


Tools: x10hosting, Adobe Photoshop, CSS, Bootstrap, WordPress



Advanced Digital Media Projects

Final Project

Advanced Digital Media Projects is an expansion on Digital Media Projects that allowed myself to work independently to create my own client-based narrative through  my choice of a websites, a videogame, audio, video, or animation. I chose to expand on my final project from Digital Media Projects and double the content of my first project by adding a dual-language feature.


Tools: Adobe Muse, Adobe Photoshop

Digital Media Projects

Final Project

This course demonstrates making client-based or personal products from storyboard to media (websites, gaming, animation, graphics, etc.) For this project, I created a website that served as a update based portal for students within the Spanish Club on campus or incoming students that were interesting in joining the organization.


Tools: Adobe Muse, Adobe Photoshop

Summer Research: Accessibility
Research Assistant

Over the summer of 2017, I worked with Professor Sookyung Cho of the Media Informatics department and assisted her with analyzing the accessibility of the original Steely Library website. During this project, I analyzed the original website and the new website against the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines found at My end product was to create a prototype website that would be used as the framework for discussing what Professor Cho's research covered while adding a section for a sandbox like page allowing users to adjust the website according to their liking and needs. This was created while teaching myself the basics of Bootstrap.


Tools: Bootstrap

Introduction to Interactive Media

Final Project

With this course I was able to combine my animation, web interactivity and prototyping skills through media such as images and audio and create applications and advertisements. For my final project, I created a demonstration of an app called "Breeze Cart" which is a crossover between Uber and grocery delivery service with the target audience being anyone from busy families to handicapped, and low-income individuals. The demonstration includes settings for the disabled as well as examples of low pricing and options for the use of EBT/WIC.


Tools: Google Web Designer, Adobe Photoshop





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