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No Silence

A collective of resources to aid the Black community.


Stroke Recovery 101

A blog created as a tool to help my mom with stroke recovery. Now tells the story of being her caregiver as she suffered from two strokes.


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A journal in progress to track the things I learn and review such as HTML, CSS, Bootstrap and JavaScript.


Breeze Cart

An eCommerce/grocery app that selects nearby stores and provides accessibility setings when you first sign up. Will contain a feature for in store "street view" and the option to pay with EBT/WIC.


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Technician Form

Small project built for Project Administrator position. This is a form/app idea for technicians to use in the field for setting ETAs, checking into site, sending updates onsite, checking out of site, ordering parts, or sending in closing notes.


xoxo, natalie

My first project that I've built in Webflow. Inspired by a design found on Pinterest, all photos from Unsplash.

Used: Webflow

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I am a skilled Web Accessibility Specialist and CPACC (Certified Professional in Accessibility Core Compentencies) certified. Currently, I love to learn about accessibility, data science, and bioinformatics. I also contribute my internationalization (i18n) and accessibility (a11y) skills to open source projects on GitHub.