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Day 16

April 7 2019

NOW I should be completely finished and onto JavaScript. What a good way to start the week right? (eh....)
Well I went out to my nearest Best Buy today and made a huge purchase. I bought a Surface Book 2 and I am in LOVE. It's like getting a new toy on Christmas Day. I love everything about it. The tablet mode/laptop mode. I think I have most of my set up put on here. AND I got quite the deal on it too.
Anyways, I finished up the whole Bootcamp v3/v4 units in Colt Steele's Bootcamp so now I'm headed to JavaScript. That means I'm learning JavaScript on FCC and Udemy too. Plus the Grasshopper app. (Check that out if you haven't!)
So below is the Github link to my 'Museum of Candy Project'. Enjoy!

Museum Candy Project: