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Day 22

April 17 2019

Hi again! So today is probably the first day I've actually felt a little comfortable with JS (shh, don't scare the feeling away). I think my big thing / ah ha moment came durring the freeCodeCamp exercise about changing if/else statements to swtich statements. Anyways, I've gone from 'reviewing' JavaScript back to working through JavaScript with new activities/exercises today. My biggest struggle was the Card Counting exercise. Unfortunately I did end up looking for the solution and trying to figure it out from there but I still don't have a lot of understanding on it. Below is a list of the topics I worked on today!

  • Chaining if/else statements.
  • FCC Golf Code.
  • Switch statements (adding a default option).
  • Replacing if/else with switch.
  • JS Counting Card exercise
    • didn't really understand this one.
  • Objects
  • Dot Notation
  • Bracket Notation