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Day 45

May 19 2019

Chipped away on the 'Hello World' exercise on exercism.io with the help of Tyler. He was able to help me get it installed correctly. Now I'm currently working on trying to figure out how to create a Hello World function with using 'export const' which I haven't learned yet.
Pretty bummed out about going home tomorrow. I guess I just feel like I'm never going to grab that dev job which I know is no way to be. Taking a week off not only from work (which has helped given that situation) but from the 'apply for jobs and constantly get rejected' feels nice. I don't have to grind as hard and go through the same cycle that keeps kicking me down. I think a change in that situation would help but I also feel guilty and as if I need to gain more gratitude for life and the reality I'm in now. Ah well, I don't know how to express how frustrated and distraught I am right now and a vacation was just really nice.
Hope everyone has a great week.