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Day 7

March 27 2019

Today feels like the most productive day that I've had even though I'm only 7% done with the #100DaysOfCode challenge. But it's funny because at 7%, I feel like I've accomplished so much. My CodePen profile is coming together nicely. My Github is shaping up and isn't just 7 or 8 projects from 2016 (thanks MIN240!)
As much as I can become discouraged sometimes, it feels good to code. It feels good because it feels like finally knowing what it is I want to do. It feels natural. In all honesty, I should be working. Or at least checking on some items for work but I appear to have been on a coding frenzy. I guess we can thank JavaScript for showing up because when I tell you I am terrified to learn JavaScript. But I know it’s the "verbs" of everything. It's what makes things interactive and pieced together. Plus, I'm sure once you learn JS, you open a door to lots of other things.
So here's my Day 7 for you:

  • Image Gallery: Finished up the Image Gallery project from Colt Steele's Online WebDev Bootcamp. I had to post on dev.to for some help on my colors not demonstrating correctly. A big thanks to everyone who commented to help me get this fixed! It also helped with my landing page project too!
  • Landing Page: Started and completed the Landing Page project for Colt Steele's Online WebDev Bootcamp. I applied the solution on my dev.to post to this which fixed everything! It also fixed my Image Gallery too. The landing page is probably my favorite and prettiest. Mine was for something called "Breeze Cart" which is an idea I came up with in a class to help disabled/low income users. I'd love to integrate it to where it's like Google Maps meets Uber Eats/Clicklist meets Virtual Tellers (from banks)
  • Bootstrap: I quickly found between both that I LOVE Bootstrap. A great mixture of HTML and CSS. Can you tell I'm so scared to do JS?
  • #100DaysOfCode: I also started this page so that I can go into more detail any time I write code. Twitter only allows so many characters which helps to get a snippet of things so this dives right in.

Until next time!

Image Gallery:

Landing Page: