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Day 26

April 21 2019

Happy Easter! After returning home from today's running around, I decided to try and setup my screencast again. I recorded a screencast last night for one hour using Microsoft GameBar and it turns out that it didn't even record my screen. It just recorded my face. I re-installed OBS Studio and the front camera finally works! Therefore I got my scene set up and now I'm testing a screencast where I code for Day 26's challenge. Today I just reviewed freeCodeCamp's Basics of JavaScript from 'Counting Cards' to 'Record Collection'. I left off in the middle of Record Collection because I am incredibly stumped.

  • Counting Cards
    • Finally got this down on the first try!
  • Build JavaScript Objects
  • Accessing Object Properties with Dot Notation
  • Accessing Object Properties with Bracket Notation
  • Accessing Object Properties with Variables
  • Updating Object Properties
  • Add New Properties to a JavaScript Object
  • Delete Properties from a JavaScript Object
  • Using Objects for Lookups
  • Testing Objects for Properties
  • Manipulating Complex Objects
  • Accessing Nested Objects
  • Accessing Nested Arrays
  • Record Collection
    • DID NOT FINISH. Resorted to going to solution. Tried to talk out solution while I was solving problem but could not figure this out. Has the beginning portion and some of the end correct but nothing in between.