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Day 31

April 28 2019

Here we are, day 31! Just sitting on the struggle bus a bit. So I decided to take a break Friday and yesterday. I was having shooting pain in my shoulder anytime I'd move it a certain way and was growing concerned about it. Turns out (at least I think so) that it might be from sleeping on my couch! (lol) I slept in my bed the last 2 days or so and that's really seemed to help things.
So obviously that's put a small break in this challenge but I am telling myself (and I would tell this to other devs or Code Newbies) not to be so self-deprecating when it comes to taking a break. It wouldn't have been good to make the pain/injury worse by coding and moving my shoulder into the direction it was hurting at. Also, breaks are great! It's always great to step away from things or the daily routine you have. At least I find it helpful for myself.
I will say it was a struggle today jumping back into coding. I think it's mainly due to JavaScript. I know it's this language that is so versatile and popular and I can't tell you how many times I read something this weekend about how if you learn anything it should be JavaScript. Do devs have this much of a hard time with JS? How do people just get so into it? Will I ever get into it? I had an interview the other day and they asked me what stack I would prefer and I told them HTML/CSS which made me feel like such an idiot. There's all these brilliant people out here using JS and talking about it and I can't wrap my head around simple things like loops.
Anyways - speaking of loops. I jumped back into my Udemy course with Colt Steele. I did the Intro to Loops section and a few exercises on while loops that actually made sense. I also keep thinking I need to write a dev.to post too.
I think there's just a lot going on right now in my "work" situation that's pouring over into life and the actual career change I want to make. I had an interview for a software dev internship and they said they liked my portfolio but their concern was I had 0 back-end experience. They said I'd have an answer by EOD Friday and no one ever contacted me. It might be for the best. I know it would be great for experience but it would be a pay decrease. Which then I fall back to thinking maybe I should've just bit the bullet and signed up for that bootcamp.
I'll stop ranting. TL:DR; Worked on while loops in Udemy, I'm stressed about my job, and I feel like a JS dunce.

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