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Day 25

April 20 2019

Had a busy day and didn't get to the challenge until this evening into Sunday. Played around with finding screencasts and ended up with 'GameBar' by Microsoft to record Day 25. Debating on whether or not to publish to YouTube or keep to myself for my notes. Worked on more basic JavaScript on freeCodeCamp.

  • JS Record Collection
    • Difficult exercise. I feel like it took me 3 days just to get around to and even when I was trying to take a jab at it I couldn't understand. Being transparent - I went straight for the solution. I thought maybe if I tried working backwards it would make more sense but it doesn't. Bookmarking this one to come back to later for more practice.
  • While loop
    • Incorrect on the first try. Wouldn't know how to set this up in the beginning.
  • For loop
    • Correct on the first try! Talked myself through it out loud, no distractions. First exercise on screencast. (May upload on YouTube, haven't decided yet.)
  • Iterate odd numbers with for loop
    • Correct on first try except that I missed putting the 'i' in 'var i = 1'.
  • Counting backwards with for loop
    • Correct on the first try!
  • Iterate through an array with a for loop
    • Correct on first try - needed to use setup to get set up (lol). Stated in screencast that I wouldn't know to do this off the bat if something like this was given to me as a coding challenge.
  • Nesting for loops
    • Had to check solution in order to figure this one out. Still don't completely understand. Omitted 'console.log()' line and replaced with 'product = product * arr[i][j]'. Would not know to get to this point even after reading prompt.