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Day 8

March 28 2019

Welp, it was destined to happen sometime. But today was nothing but JavaScript. Which included taking some notes too! Today I learned about: push(), pop(), shift(), and unshift(). I learned about if/else and if/else if/else statements. As well as equality, strict equality, typeof, strict inequality and logical or operators. YEESH. Talk about a lot. I don't have any coding examples today, just some checkmarks put into freeCodeCamp. I did do a 'Golf Code' exercise which was pretty cool. It's funny because I hope JS is nothing but if/else statements but something tells me it's not. If it were, I'd probably be less overwhelmed.
Oh! Lastly - the bootcamp I'm looking into called me today and advised that I've been accepted for their FlexCode program. Weirdly enough I've had this change of heart that's gone from frantic to semi-peaceful. I'd say only semi-peaceful because I'm still not at ease with the whole finance thing. But when I think about it, it's got the similarity to getting my master's, right?
Anyways. Here's to hoping something comes from the future. I want to be a front-end developer more than anything. It finally feels so good to know what I want to do!

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