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Day 21

April 16 2019

I'm back! I had a longer break than usual from this challenge due to some issues with my cellphone that needed taken care of. About thought I was going to have to extend it to today given some wackiness with my new Surface Book 2 (knock on wood I hope I remedied the issue). So today I pplied for a front end dev job. I also did some backtracking on JavaScript Basics on freeCodeCamp. A few posts ago, I mentioned learning push, pop, shift and unshift which I reviewed today. I learned about parameters which act as placeholders. I also struggled with the question of how do I remember the difference between local and global scope? (answer:local - only visible within a function; you can have local and global variables with the same name). Lastly, I reviewed type coercion as well with '==' and '==='. Below you'll see my mental list for push/pop and shift/unshift. Thanks for stopping by!

  • push() / pushes to end of array
  • pop() / 'removes the last element from an array and returns that element.'
  • shift() / works just like pop but you remove the first element
  • unshift() / works like push but you move the element to the beginning