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Day 20

April 12 2019

Believe it or not, I finally made the decision on the onsite bootcamp. Unfortunately, I had to turn down the offer to enroll due to finances. I went on a small rant about it on Twitter but I tried telling myself to pick the option that was going to bring me peace and unfortunately neither one did that. But, I knew that if I joined and took out yet another loan (on top of school loans and an auto loan), I would be at complete unease for awhile. On the other hand, I truly feel like I'm missing out. For someone who has 0 bootcamp experience, it feels as though there is something special about the experience that would really help kickstart the career I want. Bootcamps seem to have this outpour of support and networking that the self-taught path does not have.
In other news! I made a small dent in the JavaScript lessons for Colt Steele's bootcamp. I did some exercises regarding booleans and 'truthy/falsey' (new favorite words by the way). Also started with if/else if/else statements which is nothing new to me but always great to review. Even created a guessing game out of it which was nice! And I completed an age calculator too.
Last but not least, if you'll notice below I plugged in a bootstrap progress bar to show you how far I am with the course (in case you were interested. It's more for me anyways.) I considered maybe putting a progress bar for FCC too but we'll see. Not to mention, I'm now 1/5 completed with #100DaysOfCode! What a journey!
If you're reading this, I hope you have a wonderful weekend!

"The Web Developer Bootcamp" (Udemy) progress: 33% complete

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