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Day 30

April 25 2019

Picked JavaScript back up today! Worked some more on basics of JavaScript on freeCodeCamp. Getting the hang of while and for loops!

  • Iterate with JavaScript While Loops
  • Iterate with JavaScript For Loops
  • Iterate Odd Numbers With a For Loop
  • Count Backwards With a For Loop
  • Iterate Through an Array with a For Loop
  • Nesting For Loops
    • This one was a little difficult to understand. Big thank you to Tyler VanBlargan (Twitter: @PichuPlayer) for your help! Tyler helped me with breaking down the pieces of the exercise so that once combined, it would make sense put together.
  • Iterate with JavaScript Do...While Loops
    • Got this right on the first try which surprised me!
  • Basic JavaScript: Profile Lookup
    • Wrong on the first try. Peeked at the solution to get a better understanding but looks like I was missing a for loop. Using this as my stopping place.