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Day 23

April 18 2019

Applied for a Jr. Front End Dev job (and 2 similar jobs yesterday). If you can't tell I'm on a job application pattern. I'm very eager to land that dream job even if I feel like I'm not qualified for it at all. Also, I started listening to the CodeNewbie podcast today! I listened to 2 episodes about people who switched from non-dev jobs to dev ones. Lastly, I worked through some more freeCodeCamp JavaScript exercises! I made notes of what I worked on below and my comments after I completed them. I think I'm going to continue with this kind of format so I can review it later and see what I can go back on and try again.

  • Bracket Notation
  • Updating Object Properties
  • Deleting properties from objects
  • "Using Objects for Lookups"
    • Extremely difficult exercise. First try, failed. Went to solution to see if I could get a better understanding. Couldn't recognize that '=' was needed after the curly bracket. Also failed to use commas instead of semi-colons. Making a note to go back to this exercise along with Card Counting. (May just restart at Card Counting since I'm having some issues.)
  • Testing Objects for Properties
    • Another difficult exercise. Initially went the right way with if/else statement and putting 'checkProp' in '.hasOwnProperty'. Couldn't figure out how to return the property's value.
  • "JavaScript Object Notation or JSON is a related data interchange format used to store data."
  • Basic JavaScript: Manipulating Complex Objects
    • Difficult. I had everything written down the way it was supposed to be but looking at the solution I was missing a comma.