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Day 55

June 4 2019

Got a start on jQuery in Colt's Udemy bootcamp today. Went over what jQuery is, why use it (and why not to use it), and how to include it in your HTML document. Also did some reading on ReactJS.
Realizing I'm having a strange but nice streak of potential open doors coming up too! I have a technical interview on Saturday for a Software Engineering learning program/job. Then a recruiter called me regarding a Project Coordinator job - not what I'm looking for but she did mention it's for a major tech/e-commerce firm nearby which would be a great foot in the door opportunity. Lastly, I talked to one of the co-organizers of LTUX Cincinnati and she said her employer is looking for a developer. The downfall to that is the developer knew React (which I don't). On top of that there are big things in the works for LTUX Cincinnati!

"The Web Developer Bootcamp" (Udemy) progress: 53% complete

53% Complete