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Day 33

April 30 2019

Writing this out it seems like I had a busy day but sort of doesn't feel like it? Dove back into my Udemy bootcamp and happy to say I'm almost at 40%! Not quite 50 but it seems like I'm making progress. I guess? Colt does a great job of explaining for loops and while loops and now I'm on JS functions and arguments (which is actually clicking now compared to when I was reading about it on freeCodeCamp) Earlier today I helped Tyler (twitter: @PichuPlayer) with some content he's preparing and will hopefully make my first successful pull request (maybe!) I also attended the Ladies That UX Cincinnati (twitter: @LTUXCIN) event today where we held a panel regarding User Testing and research as well. This was the first event I felt like I actually did some 'networking' and let others know I'm in search of that job that kicks off my career. Speaking of jobs - I also applied for one too! Lastly, I'm doing some brainstorming on a side web project for my mom's high school alumni classes where they can sign on and chat.

"The Web Developer Bootcamp" (Udemy) progress: 37% complete

37% Complete